6 Things Drama Gifts Us With For Life






Musical Minds share the key things kids learn in drama that will help them at school and in life:

1. Focus: This helps the kids in their everyday life, especially in school and when they eventually have jobs they will have the ability to stay on task and not get distracted.

2. Confidence: We aim to build all of the kids’ confidence to help them feel comfortable doing presentations at school, or talking in front of small and/or large groups of people. Whilst not every kid is going to be outstandingly confident, they will still learn to speak confidently. We teach them how to react to situations by giving them role playing scenarios and showing them there is more than one way to react. This is a skill they can use all through their life. 

3. Communication skills: Being able to communicate properly and speak clearly is a big aspect of our classes. This skill is vital for everyday life and school life for the kids for presentations, interviews and even just speaking and communicating with friends and family. This skill helps children form friendships which has been shown to have a direct correllation on academic performance. 

4. Self Esteem: Making sure the kids feel good about themselves and what they are capable of is very important for their self-esteem. This is important for every day life, as when you have a high self-esteem and you feel good about yourself, you become more confident and expressive as well as participating more fully in life.

5. Leadership skills: Leadership skills help kids in everyday and school life, even if you don’t have a badge. The kids learn to be helpful and encouraging to others, ultimately becoming much more understanding and caring. We have a buddy system for new students to make them feel more comfortable when they begin classes. This teaches the older kids about leadership and taking responsibility. 

6. Creativity: Creativity is a very important 21st century skill learnt in drama that helps the kids every day. It means the kids are much more expressive in their thoughts and feelings and their imagination is much more vivid.

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