How Can Drama Help Your Child?


Mel Duke, the Principal at Helen O’Grady Drama Academy understands only too well about shy kids. She tells us that around 50 per cent of the kids who enroll in their drama classes are shy. It is not long before she sees them prosper. 

"Drama classes are fun and this means the kids relax and feel safe and they also get to be somebody else which takes the pressure off them," she explains. Like me, she believes in the power of character acting.

 "By being an animal or a robot or a completely different character to your usual self enables you to almost forget your shyness as you have transformed into a completely different person," she says. "Most of the time, when the shy kids become a different character they forget their shyness and they begin to feel comfortable talking in front of others. Mainly because it is so much fun being an animal, robot or different character."

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