Moms in business


Running your own business and being a mom are arguably two of the hardest jobs you can do so making a choice do do both at the same time is definitely a challenge...putting it mildly!!!


So why do it???

For many women, having children means making really hard choices.

When is the right time?

What are my priorities?

Will I have to give up my career?

What does being a good parent look like?

Will I be able to financially provide for them?

When should I go back to work?

Do I want my child to go to nursery?

Just to name a few!!!

No loving mother delights in the idea of going back to work and putting their babies/toddlers in childcare.

We want to be there for those all important first milestones....Crawling, Walking, Talking, Potty training as well as all the moments in between that once missed are gone forever.

For most, we don’t feel we have a choice. Maternity pay doesn’t last as long as we’d like and many aren’t fortunate enough to have husbands or partners who earn enough to carry the load on their own.

At this point, some of us, including myself have decided that there’s another way we’d like to try...running our own business!

For me, the thought process behind this choice was that I could be at home with my children and earn money at the same time....sounds ideal doesn’t it! Well it is...but it’s also really hard work!

You’ve probably heard many people say that being a stay at home mom is already a full time job, and it’s true! Thankfully, for me I have an amazing husband who also runs his own business working from home which means I have someone to lean on when I need a little extra support!

Between cooking meals, housework and the constant attention your little ones are looking for you’ve already got your hands full. But, they say that women are the multitaskers and I for one totally agree!

Running your own business means, on top of all those mommy duties you’ve got to find the time to make phone calls, send emails, have meetings and a whole host of other things involved in self employment but you find a way that works for you and go with that!

I have 3 children aged, 10, 6 and 5months!

The older two are fairly independent now so I find myself working during the babies naps, early in the morning or late at night! Sometimes I just don’t have the energy but I make sure I rest when I need to, or give hubby a shout!

Sometimes, I need to make a choice to put my laptop down and watch a film or play a board game with the family.

Making a successful business doesn’t happen overnight it takes hard work, commitment and perseverance but you must be determined if it’s going to work.

I count myself lucky and truly blessed as I get so spend time with my family everyday and whilst finances can still be hard I know our hard work will pay off over time. 

We’re building an empire for our family, a business that I hope will one day will be taken to new levels and heights by our children.

In the meantime, we’ll live within our means and enjoy the simple joys of life and family that money can’t buy!!!

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